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By: Sophie~lette

One day I talk to a girl she was sad cause she
Wanted to have a Candy Cane Chair and she
Didn’t had enough Millsbucks to buy one
So she always goes to the Donation Center
And see what she can pay over there
She’s whish is that some day someone donate
A Candy Cane Chair so she can buy it and added
It to her house and finally she could finish her
Christmas room! So I said she ‘’I am very sorry I’ll
See what I can do for you’’ –Thanks she answer.

The next day the girl went to the Donation Center
And she didn’t got her Candy Cane Chair but she
Got some Christmas decorations.
‘’I have to wait until tomorrow and see if some
One donates a Candy Cane Chair’’

The next day the girl wake up
And she goes to the Donation Center
And she sees LOTS and TONS of Christmas
Stuff for a fair prices all of them to 10-100 Millsbucks!
She was so happy and suddenly she sees the Candy Cane Chair
And she bought it and she was so so Happy that she tough it
Was a dream!

Now she could make 10 Christmas rooms because she got TONS of
Items and she got 4 Candy Cane Chairs! Not just 1 she got 4!
She was so happy it was like Christmas!

She started to wonder ‘’who donate this items’’
I donate it! ‘’OMG you the girl that told me that
That it was to sorry! Ohh thanks so much’’
‘’Welcome I had lots of that items and I don’t
Used the some I Deeside to donate them’’

‘’Thanks I am happier than ever’’

The End.

Since sophie~lette did a story she wins a prize. Congratulations sophie~lette PM me for your prize.


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