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Friday, March 11, 2005 The ice around Peabody Pond has begun to thaw, and citizens are exchanging their ice skates for their fishing poles once again. The snow is mostly melted all over Peabody Park, and the first shoots of fresh spring grass are beginning to sprout.

Here at the Millsberry Gazette, we've already begun our spring cleaning, organizing desks and getting rid of clutter. Throughout Millsberry, it seems many others are doing the same.

"Oh, I do this every year," said Mrs. Seashore, a celebrated teacher at Millsberry Academy. "I clean up my home as soon as the snow starts to melt. It can get to be such a mess, you know, what with old graded papers, notes, year-old tests and such. It feels really good to toss all that out."

Even younger citizens are getting into the spirit. "I received so many new things for Christmas this year, and as a result, my room was way too crowded," Sean Everett told us, placing a large garbage bag into the trashcan outside his home. "I've cleaned out every last bit of trash and hung up all my clothes, but it still feels way too cramped. I'd love to try and sell some of this old stuff that I don't use anymore, since I'm sure that someone else would be happy to buy it."

Spring also yields the return of Millsberry Academy's baseball team, the Millsberry Millers. Tryout sign-ups are being posted next week, and everyone is excited about the start of the new season. Last year's team got off to a sluggish start before catching fire by midseason. This season, however, thanks to a talented pitching staff that includes star hurler Johnny Scarborough, Coach Danner is hoping that the Millers don't have to endure another slow start. "Oh no," Coach Danner said with a chuckle, "we learned our lesson last year. The team knows that we need to hit the ground running, and play every game as if there were a championship on the line

After you have read that story you will make your own with all of your old winter things then PM me telling me what is the room called that you made.


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