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Post by Admin-Julesmile98 on Wed May 07, 2008 5:13 pm

By: Sophie~Lette

One day at Millsberry it was the sport week!
So they had to do something to show every one that
It’s important to do some exercise.
Coach Danner came with the idea to do a race!
There’s no prize ‘’the coach said’’ Just a plaque
And we are doing this to show every one that its
Important to do exercise and be an good example
So everyone here in Millsberry have and good life!

The Coach Danner said-‘’ the once that want
To enter to the competition please put your name in
The list!’’

Danner said ‘’ok I will say the persons that already enter’’

Mrs. Seashore
Pete Peterson
Hidaka Sensei

Ok so far we have 8 participants!
How about Sylvie? Why she didn’t
Enter? – The coach said

Ohh I will ask her –RoberJWilliams said

Then Robert goes and ask Sylvie and
She was weird she didn’t want to do anything
And she was like sad or something so he
Ask Jenneira to talk with her,

It didn’t work she doesn’t wanted to
Enter to the competition.

So RobertJWilliams said to the Coach that
Sylvie doesn’t wanted to enter, But he said-‘’
What about if I put her name the race is
Tomorrow maybe tomorrow she will
Like to enter.

Ok the coach said

It’s the day of the competition!
At 12:00 pm the race will start-they said

Robert was sad cause Sylvie didn’t
Want to compete and he put she’s name at the
List. 14 more minutes to the race! –

Finally it’s time for the competition.
Come on people get ready!

On their marks set go!
And suddenly Sylvie comes running so
Fast! She was winning!

End of the race Sylvie won!
And she received her plaque and
She was so happy! Everyone was happy!

Know all the people in Millsberry
Do sports!

The end

Sophie~lette was the only one who made the story so she wins a prize! PM me for your prize sophie~lette

The Competition! De07e2e6f465e46ac393073ix1
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