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modertor and adminstrator rules Empty modertor and adminstrator rules

Post by Admin-Julesmile98 on Fri Feb 01, 2008 6:18 pm

make sure when you lock a topic you write:
Topic Locked

when you will edited a post make sure you will right
Post Edited by: ( put your username here) and the reason why you edited it

the only time when you will delete a post is when the same post is reapted, DO NOT delete my post please.

when you will move a topic write
Topic Moved


when you delete a post write:Post Deleted

DO NOT post any post when a topic is locked!

when you are going to ban a memebsr pm me or post a new topic in the wall of shame forum telling me why he or she should be banned..

If you do not follow these rules 3 times you will not me a mod or a admin anymore...

thanks for reading

if you have any questions pm me!

Topic Locked

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