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Post by Admin-Julesmile98 on Thu Apr 24, 2008 3:01 pm

Opening Day! Gazette_20080424
Thursday, April 24, 2008 Spring brings many wonderful things with it: flowers, great weather, and most of all, baseball.

A beautiful sunny day at Sherman Field made for an amazing Millsberry Millers home opening game. The Millers defeated the visiting team in a 5-4 victory that came right down to the wire.

The Millers lead the first 5 innings with a home run from Johnny Scarborough in the bottom of the first, and double from Maggie Kim in the 3rd resulting in one RBI.

The visiting team went on a 4 run drive through the 6th, 7th, and 8th innings, leaving the Millers the duty of mounting a comeback.

Everyone was on the edge of their seat, until the game winning grand-slam homer from Reggie Bradshaw that brought the crowd to their feet.

"I couldn't have asked for a better game for our home-opener", said Coach Danner.

"Everyone played an outstanding game, and I'm really proud of our effort out there."

After the bases were rounded from his game winning grand slam, press and photographers mobbed Reggie Bradshaw.

"When I was a kid playing ball in my backyard, I always dreamed that I'd be in this position, so when I stepped up to the plate, I felt like I'd been preparing my whole life", said Reggie.

"Then to actually come through with the clutch, game winning grand slam was even more amazing. I couldn't be happier right now."

After rounding the bases, Reggie was greeted at home plate by all of his teammates to celebrate their victory.

The fans present in the ballpark were decked out in Millsberry Miller's baseball gear. Some also had baseball card posters that they waited to have the players sign after the game.

Millers pitcher, Johnny Scarborough, pitched a no-hitter through the first 4 innings, but then began to give up hits early in the 5th as the visiting team rallied to mount their come back.

"It was a tough game. Luckily I had plenty of run support, because you can't always pitch a no-hitter", said Scarborough.

"I'm really glad we pulled through in the end. Reggie really came through for us."

Britney Bailey, known for her lightning speed, had not one, but three stolen bases during the game.

"It's really all about timing. Once you make a break for it, you just have to run it out as quickly as possible", said Bailey after the game.

It seems as though Bailey's simple strategy paid off, and the Millers' strategy of hard work and determination should continue to serve them well this season.

Let's root for the home team.

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